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Our dedicated service ensures we complete a comprehensive task set up that will not only restore the building but ensure it stands out in terms of quality and overall outlook.

Our major assets are our skilled personnel  which we use to target a full and quality assured restoration process. Our expertise in handling listed heritage building restoration ensures we are the trusted and professionally oriented company that can deliver on given tasks. 

At JH Building Restoration and Refurbishment we are skilled in working with varied and traditional materials within the building restoration industry. This not only lets us be better placed to give a full restoration but also gives us the capacity to capitalize on the specifications provided to us. Our listed heritage building restoration service can encompass the customization of specific areas within the building to guarantee adequate workability over time. 

There are varied services that we can offer in the restoration niche and they include: 

We are able to perform full building surveys to ascertain the areas that need to be repaired and the appropriate measures that can be taken to ensure a complete restoration job is done. In our surveys, we are able to give a detailed report that can be used as the manuscript for all restoration tasks which eliminates patch up restoration jobs. 

The first task we handle during listed building restoration is the inspection of the whole building to determine the extent of damage and the approach that will prove workable to ensure durability and quality in appearance. 

Project management
Our experienced and professionally trained personnel effectively handle project management in varied capacities. We have the capacity to supervise, manage and execute building restoration tasks which guarantees perfection in the jobs we perform. 

Listed heritage building restoration and repair
This can only be handled satisfactorily if we are involved, since we are dedicated and take pride in ensuring that the sale price of a building is significantly higher owing to our contribution. Our handling of brick and stonework repairs lets buildings standout in terms of appeal and quality, which is exactly what listed buildings need. When you need your restoration projects handled with utmost attention to detail and top notch quality, we at JH Building Restoration and refurbishment are the experts to approach.

What our customers say...

JH Building Restoration & Refurbishment have demonstrated that they have the skills to complete specialist work. They have been able to provide appropriate solutions, and have been flexible in adapting those when necessary as a result of discussions and recommendations from the local conservation officer. They have also been able to provide raw materials in accordance with traditional building methods (e.g. period bricks). 

In addition, they have been able to demonstrate their specialist knowledge and expertise to the local conservation officer. This has helped considerably by easing any concerns they may have had in approving the repairs.

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