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Our listed heritage building refurbishment has grown over the years and resulted in unlimited resources in enabling the restoration and refurbishment of all projects that are brought before us.

What we value as a company is the refurbishment of a building that will ultimately revalue, whilst also improving the overall appearance. We have gained an excellent reputation when it comes to working with specified and customised materials, creating a unique restoration project that will match the vision that an owner has for their building. 

We handle stonework and brickwork repairs with our skilled personnel who have years of experience in this aspect of restoration. With brick building restoration, we are able to effectively restore the former status with attention to detail which ensures we leave the project area having provided a blending of materials. 

The service we offer is usually tailored according to the specific needs and desires of our clients. Whether it is the small scale repair or the complete renovation, we always have the capacity to deliver with our expertly trained personnel. Our project management abilities have been able to give us the required capacity to handle residential refurbishment tasks. 


On-site supervision

On-site supervision is one of the services we exclusively target when handling listed heritage building refurbishment. This is because we are always focused on ensuring that we stick to the top industry recommended standards that will ensure we do an excellent job. Our on-site supervision service gives us the ability to note every step of the refurbishment process and thereby ensure we have the required attention to detail especially with the custom restoration tasks. The experience our personnel hold ensures that they are able to handle the refurbishment process on the architectural designs and restore their original appearance. 

Our comprehensive approach to the refurbishment process guarantees that we are able to handle surveys of the building and give a report as to the recommendations we deem fit for the premises. With this, we are able to ensure our clients are able to spend the restoration budget wisely to accomplish a targeted refurbishment that will raise the appeal and the value of the building.

What our customers say...

JH Building Restoration & Refurbishment have demonstrated that they have the skills to complete specialist work. They have been able to provide appropriate solutions, and have been flexible in adapting those when necessary as a result of discussions and recommendations from the local conservation officer. They have also been able to provide raw materials in accordance with traditional building methods (e.g. period bricks). 

In addition, they have been able to demonstrate their specialist knowledge and expertise to the local conservation officer. This has helped considerably by easing any concerns they may have had in approving the repairs.

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