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There is no “magic wand” for damp & decay related problems. 

When we look at any property we assess how it was constructed, whether that construction has been changed to its detriment and why, then formulate our opinions and report on these essential facts. 

Our holistic damp and timber decay related surveys are non-destructive in the initial stages, dependent on findings further investigations may be necessary. 

Our recommendations will never include any form of chemical related “so called” treatments as these are totally inappropriate for any buildings constructed prior to the mid 1900’s. Buildings prior to this date were mainly constructed so that weathering moisture and ground water were controlled via various forms of drainage, roof and rain water goods design and external wall fabric that did not trap moisture.

One of the major factors in all damp and decay destruction is the wrongly advised use of cementitious type applications, these trap moisture within structures and cause horrendous damp and decay issues. 

There are 3 main factors which we will always promote, they are:

  • Breathability with the use of traditional materials
  • Ground Water Drainage
  • Pro-Active Property Maintenance

We can now utilise digital technology by providing drone camera inspections for reports on roofs, parapet walls, box gutters and chimney stacks etc. This approach minimises the use of access equipment and therefore becomes more reasonably economical, especially on pre purchase situations. 

Fees are based on each individual project and clients' requirements and are negotiated prior to commencement.

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